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Janouch marxistfeministiska sommarkrönika i Expressen

Jag borde egentligen låta bli att kommentera Katerina Janouch tramsiga krönika i Expressen, men en och annan rad ska jag ändå bemöda hennes ambitiösa försök att blåsa liv i Sveriges förhatliga feminism. Janouch påtalade kvinnornas ständiga maktkamp och hävdade att densamma utgjorde en viktig förklaring till kvinnornas situation i Sverige. En vågad hypotes med tanke på feministernas oförmåga till självkritik. Hon hänföll dock tämligen omgående till att proklamera feministernas sedvanliga konspirationsteoretiska resonemang.

Janouch i Expressen:

"Jodå. Visst finns det ett ondsint patriarkat och ett mansvälde och allt det där..."

Janouch konstaterade att inte bara ett "patriarkat", utan att ett "ondsint patriarkat", härskade i Sverige, "ett mansvälde och allt det där...", dvs allting som en människa torde vara kapabel att föreställa sig.
Janouch inställning torde inte allena utgöra ett underlag till en sjaskig sommarkrönika, utan även utgöra en grundinställning i hennes arbete som så kallad sex- och samlevnadsexpert. Om en individ med kärleksproblem hamnade i Janouch våld, torde vederbörande vara chanslös, dömd till livslång kärlekssorg.

Kvinnor i alla åldrar - förenen eder för bövelen!

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Anonym sa...

Equality: women are not the same; they have breasts, you know?

During the early 80’s when the onslaught of feminism really began in earnest, I can recall many public-service announcements encouraging companies to hire women. “Employ a woman, she can do anything,” went the propaganda announcements.
When I first started hearing those announcements, the following question sprung to mind: if women can do anything, why do they need to advertise? If women could do anything, they would already be doing so; hence, there would be no requirement to advertise. To imply that a woman can do anything is to imply they can do everything that a man can do, which is simply not true; it is simply another liberal lie about nature.
Women are not equal to men because they are not the same as men. Conversely, men are not equal to women because they are not the same as women. And no amount of political correctness is going to change this fact. Have a look at the following illustrations and see if you can spot the subtle differences. Yes, women have breasts, don’t they?


Besides having breasts, there are many other subtle differences between men and women. Apart from feminists, who appear to have an untrained eye for detecting these differences, most of us can spot them quite easily. Yes, if one looks closely, one can see that men have penises while women don’t, and women have vaginas while men don’t. And as one learns more, one finds out that women have menstrual cycles while men don’t; women get pregnant and have babies while men don’t; and women breastfeed while men don’t. Hmmmm…….are you starting to see nature?
Even though these differences are indeed very obvious to most people, they are not obvious to the feminist; they still persist in deluding themselves that men and women are equal. “Women can do everything that men can do,” they keep telling us; they keep lying to us.
Some other obvious falsehoods about equality:
If women are equal to men then:
– why do we need male and female restrooms?
– why do we need male and female security guards for body searches at airports?
– why have most police forces removed or reduced police height requirements?
– why do men rape women and not vice-versa?
– why are approximately 89% of US murders committed by men?
– why is prostitution primarily a female occupation?
– why are approximately 85% of custodial parents in the US female?
– why haven’t we seen a woman fight Mike Tyson?
– why haven’t we seen women compete against men in the Olympics?
– why haven’t we seen women playing rugby alongside men in the same teams?
To answer those questions we must recognize that men are sexually, emotionally, and physically different from women. Having said that, there maybe a few women out there who could play rugby alongside men in the same team………


Yes, maybe Rosie and Janet would make suitable front-row forwards but the majority of women wouldn’t, and it’s absurd to think they would. But it is even more absurd to think they would make good firemen, soldiers, policemen, prison guards in male prisons or anything else that requires physical size and strength. Of course women can do certain jobs within the police department and armed forces, etc, but they have no right to be in jobs where their lack of physical strength puts others’ lives at risk. This not only applies to women, physically weak men should not be in those jobs either.
A classic example of this political correctness gone dangerously wrong happened in 2005 — with the Atlanta Court House killings — where a petite, fifty-one-year old, five-foot-one-inch women was guarding a six-foot-one inch former line-backer who was in court on rape charges. He easily overpowered and killed her and three others in the process, including the judge. Yes, feminism and political correctness killed those people. Read more on that story here and here.
Not only can gender neutrality weaken security because women are physically weaker than men, it can also threaten security because of sexual promiscuity. Put men and women close together in a closed environment and sex is inevitable. Read the following article about female guards in male prisons and vice versa. But first, ask yourself, why are women guarding male prisoners, and vice versa, in the first place? To answer that, you need look no further than feminism and political correctness.
- - - - - -
Med hälsning från Uno.